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Can I pay the entire amount with a credit card?

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Yes, you are able to charge the total amount of your car shipment to your credit card. There is an additional $100 fee per vehicle that we pass along to the carriers for this payment process.

There are actually a couple of reasons carriers prefer the standard (certified funds) method of payment. The majority of the carriers we work with are owner-operators. This means they are a one-person operation and don’t have a formal office with a billing department or a way to easily handle receivables. This makes the additional paperwork that comes with a billing shipment difficult for them to process.

The other reason that carriers prefer the COD payment method is to cover on-the-road expenses. Drivers tend to use the payments they collect to pay for their everyday expenses like fuel. When they pay for fuel with cash, they receive a discount, and this adds up to a very large amount over time.

If you would like more information about this please check out our blog. Learn why cash is still king in the car shipping industry.

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