Executive Auto Shippers Adds Logistics Division

Executive Auto Shippers Adds UrLink Logistics Division


Logo for UrLink Logistics, a division of Executive Auto Shippers

MONROE, IOWA, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2015 /EINPresswire.com/ — After almost a decade in the car transport industry, Executive Auto Shippers (EAS) is adding a 3rd party logistics (3PL) division to their business, named UrLink Logistics LLC. EAS will be applying their already proven car transport logistics business model they have honed in a niche market to the larger freight shipping industry. This type of business is not completely new to Co-Founder and CEO Matt Van Gelder, who has gained experience previously by managing a carrier providing similar shipping services.

“I’ve been in the [transportation] industry for over 20 years; I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t,” said Matt Van Gelder, CEO of Executive Auto Shippers. “We know that the business standards we’ve built with EAS will also translate into the logistics industry.” These standards are reliability, integrity, and, most importantly according to Van Gelder, customer satisfaction.

Van Gelder goes on to say that his companies aren’t focused on numbers as much as satisfied customers. But went on to point out that their shipper’s numbers would be a priority. “Our coordinators don’t have sales awards hanging in their cubicles, but real reviews that customers have specifically mentioned them in. And if our business customers’ don’t see their profit margins go up after a period of time [while working with UrLink], then we haven’t been successful, no matter how well shipments have gone,” explains Van Gelder.

UrLink Logistics is a 3PL company offering shipping and logistics services to companies such as industrial manufacturers, agricultural, and raw goods producers. Services include both domestic and international freight shipping services, as well as intermodal. With a network of over 2500 pre-approved carriers, they can streamline your company’s logistics process, in turn making your internal teams more efficient. You can learn more about UrLink by visiting their website: http://urlinklogistics.com/why-choose-us.html

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