Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Your Auto Shipping Company

Executive Auto Shippers understands that you don’t need vehicle transport every day, which makes finding a reputable auto shipping company difficult. As a result, fraudulent companies try to scam unsuspecting customers out of money. But EAS cares about protecting you and your investment, so here are some helpful Dos and Don’ts to consider when choosing your auto shipping company.

Do Your Research

Because transporting your vehicle requires a trustworthy company to do the job, do thorough research. Online research can be tricky, but here are ways to decipher which sites are reputable.

Look for credentials: Auto shipping companies are required to register with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are issued a Motor Carrier (MC) number. Go to the FMCSA site and search for companies to verify their credentials. Another good online resource is the Better Business Bureau. You will see the BBB accreditation button on our EAS site, and you can also find us on the FMCSA site.

Look for errors: Untrustworthy companies often build sites quickly, scam as many customers as they can, scrap the site and start all over using a different name. Because of this hasty process, unreputable sites often have frequent grammatical or typographical errors. Trustworthy sites take time to create high-quality content to provide the best experience for customers.

Look for search engine results: If you type the company’s name into Google and find a lot of hits, including other reputable sites linking to the company’s site and positive customer reviews, chances are the company has a good reputation. If Google or other search engines don’t return many hits, then you probably don’t want to choose that company to transport your vehicle.

Do Verify Contact Information

Reputable auto shippers include an email, phone number, and address on their site. Scam sites often post false numbers and addresses, if any are posted at all. Discover if a company’s address is real by typing it into a site like Google Maps. If Google Maps shows an image of the building and the company name matches the site, it’s most likely a legitimate company. If, however, Google Maps returns a picture of an open field or nothing that resembles the company on the website, it’s a scam.

Do Get Everything in Writing

Be suspicious of companies that claim there isn’t paperwork to fill out. While paperwork seems like a headache, a paper trail is important so you and your vehicle are protected. Companies that don’t require paperwork or have hidden disclaimers will oftentimes quote you one price but charge you much more than what you agreed to. EAS is different from other auto shippers because of our One Price Guarantee. We promise there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges when you work with us.

Do Ask Questions

Making direct contact with auto shipping companies is one of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of scams. EAS always has the lines of communication open and keeps in contact with you throughout the vehicle transportation process. Here are some good questions to ask an auto shipping company:

• Are you licensed? (Trustworthy companies will say “yes” and provide their MC number.)

• Do you require a deposit? If so, when do you charge the deposit? (Be wary of companies that charge the deposit immediately. EAS won’t charge your deposit until after the truck has picked up your vehicle prior to delivery.)

• Can I cancel my order? If I choose to cancel, is there a cancellation fee? (EAS does not charge a fee if you cancel your order for any reason.)

• Do you provide rental car services if my vehicle is not delivered on time?

EAS is unique in the industry because of our Rental Car Guarantee. If your shipment exceeds the transit time in your contract, EAS will furnish you with an Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Don’t Pay the Full Amount Upfront

Any company that requires you to pay the full amount of the transportation costs up front, before even moving your vehicle, is a red flag. Also be aware of companies that request money wired through a service like Western Union. Reputable companies will only require credit cards or checks.

When you choose to work with EAS, you’ll never be asked to pay the full amount upfront.

Don’t Share Personal Information for a Quote

When you call different auto shipping companies or request quotes online to compare prices, be careful about how much information you share. Auto shippers need some information to give you an accurate quote, such as the make and model of the vehicle and where it’s being picked up and delivered. All that is needed for locations, however, is the city, state/country, and ZIP code. Never give companies exact addresses when requesting a quote, and never give them any credit card information. A company that requests your address and payment information just for a quote is looking to take advantage of you.

Don’t Use Lead Generators

Lead generation is the process of collecting contact information for the purpose of providing salespeople with prospective customers. If you see anything online that says something like “Receive 10 Free Quotes Now!”, that’s a lead generator. You may have signed up for 10 quotes, but this generator sells your personal information, so you may end up receiving over 50 phone calls or emails from companies trying to sell you unwanted products or services. Although lead generators may seem more convenient at the time, the best way to get an accurate quote is to contact a company directly by phone or on its website.


Remember these tips when conducting your own research for auto shipping companies. After perusing our site, you’ll know that EAS is a reputable company who looks after you; so you can trust Executive Auto Shippers to safely transport your cars, ATVs, and motorcycles. Check out our tips page for more ways to get ready for your car shipment.

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