How To Obtain The Necessary Documentation Before Moving To Another State

Moving is a pain in the neck. There are so many details that you need to take care of and so many things you must focus on. However, if you are moving out of state, that makes it even harder. Moving to another state is not an easy task. You must prepare yourself and your family for that turbulent event. Make sure you prepare accordingly and do your research. Since you are striving to have a successful move, we are here to help you make a list of all the necessary documents that you need for your move.

Start with your folder  

You might ask yourself, why in the world would I need a folder? This is a move, not a college class. Trust me on this one. Once you start gathering everything, you might get overwhelmed. Therefore, there will be a moment when you lose track of everything. Since there will be moments when you can lose valuable documents, make sure you try to prevent it. The number one moving mistake is losing important paperwork. In other words, pack your papers and keep it moving. Prevent the problem. It is easier than solving it when it happens.

Keep your estimates and quotes somewhere safe and handy

The best thing for you would be to have an in-house estimate. This would mean that a representative from a moving company would visit your home, take a close look at your things and then provide you with an estimate. Long story short, this is a document where there are marked specifications of what you are entitled to during your move. There are a few options. These are types of estimates that you can choose from:

  1. Non-binding estimate
  2. Binding estimate
  3. Binding not-to-excide estimate

Most importantly, make sure you know what they mean before you decide. I requested my estimate on and I had a great experience. My choice was a binding not-to-exceed estimate. With them, my moving to another state was unexpectedly pleasant.

After an estimate, a contract should follow

Hopefully, by now you realized there are many household moving companies at your service. Picking the right one for you is a major score when moving to another state. So, once the search for that perfect company is over, you will sign a mutual contract. Thus, this will be a mandatory document in your folder. In order to protect yourself, make sure your contract contains the following information:

  • List of items that should be transported
  • Moving rates
  • Payment type
  • Your start location and your new residence location
  • Insurance details
  • Moving company details

An inventory list is a must if moving to another state 

It is essential that you review all the items that are packed on the vehicle that will be transporting them. Consequently, all of those items must be put on an inventory list. Once you arrive at your new home, don’t start thinking about the fun things that you will do once you move. It might be too early for that. Make sure that all things from your inventory have arrived. Also, check if everything is in one piece and start thinking about your unpacking tactic.

Have you ever heard of a document called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”?

If you are about to go through an interstate move, this is something you must be familiar with. Unless you are moving just a few bags from one state to another, you will need professional help. Hence you will hire professional movers. Those movers are obligated to provide you a document called Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. In addition to this document, you should also receive another document know as official Ready to Move Brochure. Both of these documents are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Why is it imperative to have these documents?

These two documents are very important because they can be very handy if you go through a moving crisis. Since they contain information such as how to deal with complaints, all the way to simple questions regarding your move, you always want to have them at arm’s length.

You don’t want the IRS on your back

In your binder, you mustn’t forget tax deduction forms. Research IRS form 3903. It is very important when moving to another state. In particular, this is very important if your out of state relocation is provoked by job relocation.

Also, save your donation receipts. Many people decide to donate some things before they move. That is a great idea. You are getting rid of things you don’t use and doing a good deed at the same time. When you complete your donation, save your donation receipt. If you need more information, make sure you visit Goodwill’s web page. They have all the needed information.

When moving to another state don’t forget your kid’s school records

Moving to another state is much easier if you don’t have kids. However, if you aren’t flying solo, you cannot forget to handle your children’s school transfer. You must be in close contact with the new and the old school. Most likely, you will have to have scorecards, test results, immunization documents, and any other paperwork that the new school requests from you.

Continue to work on your binder

Hopefully, you are aware that we barely scratched the surface. There are many more documents that you must obtain for your move. Some are directly related to the moving process, and some are personal documents. Either way, you must have them all. Many of these documents must be obtained and gathered within a particular time frame. This makes it imperative that you do not drag your feet and get stuff done. Last but not least, be aware that rules and regulations most likely differ from one state to another. Since this is the case, make sure you do your homework.

In the end, moving to another state is no walk in the park. But you know what people say, where there is a will, there is a way. We don’t doubt you will have a great moving experience if you prepare for it accordingly. Good luck with your move and hopefully you will enjoy your new home.

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