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Knowing Your Options: Open vs Enclosed Auto Transport

The Different Ways to Transport Vehicles

You’ve done your research to narrow down a list of companies that could ship your vehicle. You’ve asked them questions about how they operate, what they guarantee, and the like. You’ve probably even received a few quotes. Now the question is, did they ask YOU questions about your vehicle?

Any well qualified auto transport company should and will ask you questions as well. Why? In order to provide you with good information and help you make the best decision, their representatives need to be gathering facts about your vehicle. One of the biggest reasons is to help you assess what type of car carrier would work best.

There are actually 3 types of car carriers: Open, Soft-Side Enclosed, and Hard-Side Enclosed. Each is specialized for certain types of vehicles and specifications. For instance, drivers will handle a classic car (especially a show car) differently than fully-loaded jeep.

Open Auto Transport

We are all familiar with an open carrier. These are the ones you’d see driving down the interstate. These typically hold 8-10 vehicles, depending on size of the trailer as well as the vehicles. Open carriers are what most people associate with auto shipping. In fact, most cars transport by open carrier, including common luxury cars like Lexus and Jaguar.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is one most people aren’t as familiar or even aware of. Soft-side enclosed shipping is used frequently by manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz. The trailer has an open structure with a roof and end caps on the front and back. The sides are like curtains, made of canvas and pulled tight for transport.

Soft Enclosed Transporter

A soft side enclosed carrier has an open structure with a roof and end caps on the front and back with curtain-like sides made of canvas and pulled tight for transport.

Hard-side enclosed shipping looks similar to semis hauling other items. The trailer is usually made of tin or fiberglass. Most have a lift gate door for low clearance cars, such as a Lamborghini. This type is best for high-end, exotic, and classic show cars.

Both enclosed trailers have drip pans, which do a great job of keeping any possible fluids dripping from the top rack onto the lower level vehicles. The biggest difference is that hard-side trailers are 100% airtight. Since soft-side trailers use canvas instead of tin or aluminum, there is a potential of small amounts of dirt and grime getting on the vehicles.

Open vs Enclosed Auto Transport – Which to Choose?

Although anyone can choose any type of carrier, you have to keep in mind the additional costs. Enclosed carriers are specialized in handling vehicles that need a little extra care. The carriers who fall into the enclosed trailers category are usually slimmer than open, and it becomes even more limited if you’re looking for hard-side as well. If you would like your daily driver to have the royal treatment, make sure to book well in advance, too. Why? Since the lineup of carriers is smaller, it could make your transport time longer.

Find out all the types of services Executive offers on our Services page.

In short, any of the 3 types of carriers can get the job done. It all comes down to what kind of vehicle you own and how soon you would like it there. Contact the representatives here at EAS to help you make the right choice – 847-557-0200 or get a free quote!


What to Know Before Considering a Car Shipping Quote

choosing-an-auto-shipping-company, checklist

Do you know the 3 things to consider when it comes to choosing the best car shipping company? Read on to find out.

You’ve decided to head south for the winter months. You don’t like renting a vehicles, but don’t want to put the miles on your vehicle either. How can you get it there?

Your company has decided to relocate you across the country and will reimburse expenses, but when it comes to your vehicle, where do you start?

Many people know something about moving companies, changing addresses, hotel reservations, and vacation activity planning, but not many know how to transport their vehicle. Don’t let it be an afterthought – shipping your vehicle takes planning. With the right company, though, not only will you feel at ease, but the process could be virtually hands-off and you could save a little money as well. So the big question – where to start?

Where Should I Start When Shipping My Car?

1. Research

You might be tempted to ask, “how much does it cost to ship my car?” but you don’t want to start with price. Many companies might seem enticing with lower shipping quotes, but start by doing some research. The best suggestion is to start online with websites such as Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau. You’ll be able to see ratings and reviews from their customers. Make sure to read the reviews, especially the bad ones. See if their reasoning for a bad review is legitimate – some people just can’t be pleased. Also pay attention to the resources you use – some sites allow companies to pay to remove the bad ratings and secure top spots.

2. Question

Once you’ve gotten a short list of companies, reach out and ask questions. Here’s a few suggestions:

a. Do you offer any guarantees? For instance, Executive Auto Shippers offers a One Price Guarantee and Car Rental Guarantee.
b. Do you assist when issues arise and, if so, how? EAS is with you through the whole auto transport process, start to finish.  If issues arise, we stay involved until it’s been resolved.
c. What’s your availability for questions and concerns? Our representatives are available by both phone or email to answer questions and calm concerns. If you happen to need something after business hours, we have a 24/7 Emergency Line with a live representative.

3. Price

Finally, you’ll want to ask for a quote. Make sure to find out what all is included in the price they provide. Some companies don’t include cost of insurance or can add unexpected fees for various reasons. This is why their quote may seem lower than others. As mentioned above, EAS has a One Price Guarantee, which includes all taxes and insurance. We also don’t charge anything, including the non-refundable deposit (subtracted from the total amount quoted), until your car has been successfully picked up.

Just like planning for any other part of a move or extended trip, don’t let shipping your vehicle fall through the cracks. Auto transport doesn’t have to be complicated, and, with the right company, could be the easiest part. Make sure to get all the facts and know what’s expected of you. To learn about different ways to ship your vehicle, check out our other blog “Open or Enclosed: What’s Best for Your Car.”

To learn more about Executive Auto Shippers, visit our About Us page.


Why Cash is Preferred for Shipping a Car

In this digital age, it might seem strange to pay with cash. In the auto transport business, though, cash is still very relevant. We’ve had a lot of customers who ask about this, so we decided to get a few of those questions answered in one place.


What about using a Square? Those are really handy!

Although we don’t disagree, one thing many people don’t realize is that there are extra charges when you use a Square. Right on the homepage it states “Pay 2.75% per swipe…” (see more here [https://squareup.com/reader]). It may not seem like a lot, but it adds up. Using this technology also means the driver has to keep more accounting records, especially if he owns his own trucking business (aka owner operator). We appreciate the work our drivers do, but we know they are much better at driving and hauling than they are at accounting.


Credit cards are so much more convenient.

Again, very true but have you ever overdrafted? It’s very easy to swipe a card, but it’s just as easy to spend more than what’s in your account. Our drivers, especially owner operators, depend on these payments not just for profit sake, but fuel, food, and to pay the bills. If you’re card is declined or delays payment, the driver could be left stranded. That could lead into a whole other situation of getting the payment. Now the driver not only has no payment, but loss of time and, if it were to get that far, cost of an attorney.


What good is cash to them in this digital age anyway?

Actually, there are a few great benefits to drivers with cash. First, many truck stops will actually give a discount for paying cash at the pump. Next time you pass a Love’s or Pilot, notice how the price changes for gas. Many truck stops also have reward programs, including free showers, for paying cash and making other purchases at their locations.


I’m not comfortable carrying that much cash, could they take a check?

One of the biggest reasons truckers won’t take checks is because it’s hard for them to find a bank to cash it. They depend on that cash to fuel up and eat along the route. Even if they were able to find a bank or a branch in the location they’re at, banks aren’t exactly truck-friendly. They’d not only have to find a place to park, but if it’s a large metro area, most likely they’ll have to park far enough away that they’ll have to take a cab or other transportation to get to the bank.


There are some industries that cash is still king – car transporting is definitely one of them. In short, trying to deal with credit cards, or even checks, is just inconvenient for car hauler drivers. Cash never fails, never bounces, or is denied. Help make your auto transporting experience easier by planning for a quick trip to the bank or ATM before the driver arrives. Thanks for your help!

And to learn more about how to ship a car, check out our FAQ page.



Prepping Your Motorcycle for Shipping

There is nothing better than feeling the wind rush past you as you drive down the highway on your motorcycle. Unfortunately it is not always possible to take your bike out for a ride. Events in your life may require shipping your bike. Be it moving across or not wanting to add unnecessary mileage, shipping can be a hassle free way to get your bike where it needs to be. Before you load up your bike, you will need to make sure that you are shipping it correctly.

How to Ship Your Motorcycle

As with any vehicle, you will want to make sure that it is clean before shipping. Remove all dirt and soil deposits on the body and wheels of your bike. This will make it easier to inspect your bike and note any damages. It will also help the shipper inspect your bike and take their own notes. Take photos of your motorcycle before and after it is shipped just in case you need them.
For a running vehicle, check the fluids as well as the battery and tire pressure. Your motorcycle should only have ¼ of the tank filled with gas when it is being shipped. Remove all accessories, loose items, and alarms as they can fall off the bike and become lost.

Choose a Method to Ship Your Motorcycle

There are two methods you can choose from when having your vehicle shipped, open or closed. With open, your bike is exposed to the outside elements. The closed method will have your motorcycle shipped inside of a trailer. This all comes down to your preference and how well you want your bike protected. Packing and crating can also ensure your bike does not move around too much during transport and it will lower the probability of damage occurring.

Shipping a Motorcycle Across The Country

When you are ready to ship your vehicle, you will only want to go to a professional. They are the only ones who can ship your vehicles correctly. For the most trusted shippers, Executive Auto Shippers are the leaders in auto shipping. For more information, contact us at (847)557-0200.

It pays to be transparent

Life is so much easier when everything regarding money is clear cut and understandable. Unfortunately, many companies are unable to comprehend that sentiment. Some of them do but choose to ignore it, especially in the auto shipping industry. Often, customers will prepare to pay one figure, then be forced to pay another when the dust has settled. It’s shady, it’s crooked, it’s downright awful.

It’s not what we, at Executive Auto Shippers, are about. We are known within the industry for many things, one of them being our innovative One Price Guarantee.

The two-tiered approach

Our One Price Guarantee is built on two tenants. The first tenant is the best price possible. Whether we’re hauling your prized Mustang or the family station wagon, you can be sure that the price we’ve arrived at is the most reasonable number we could muster. The second tenant is our unwavering dedication to that number. Whichever price you’re offered, you can be sure that’s what you’ll pay. We absolutely despise hidden fees and unexpected charges. You won’t encounter them with Executive.

Budget without fear

The One Price Guarantee is important for budgeting purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving, buying, or selling – if you have to ship an automobile, it’s going to affect your pocketbook. Without hidden fees, you have the ability to crunch your numbers and not worry about a surprise charge messing everything up. Budgeting is the foundation for any large transaction. Once you account for our price, the remaining money can be spent on other aspects of your endeavor. It does nothing but add confidence and progress to any project.

Our customers deserve it

We, at Executive Auto Shippers, provide guarantees like this (see: Rental Car Guarantee) because we care about our clients. We’ve been doing this for 6 years, so we understand how nerve-racking vehicle shipping can be. Our customers have enough to worry about. That’s why we take the fear of hidden fees and unexpected charges out of the equation.

If you’ve just sold your Mercedes Benz and need to ship it from Los Angeles to New York. Or if the family is moving from St. Louis to Dallas, and you need to get the cars down there. We’re the team to call! Visit our website or call (847)-557-0200 for more information!

A rarity amidst the auto shipping industry

You’d think that every business would pull out all the stops when it comes to serving customers. It just makes sense, the customer is always right. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the automobile shipping industry, where Executive Auto Shippers stands as one of the only companies to offer a Rental Car Guarantee.

Vehicle shipping can be emotionally strenuous

Having your automobile professionally transported, especially when it’s an exotic or classic, is a nerve-racking experience. Most people would rather do it themselves. But when you’re in that position, you’ll find there is no way around it. Unless you want to spend days on the road, skipping from hotel to hotel, highway to highway, you have to ship. The juxtaposition between stress and necessity is quite alarming.
Auto transport, like all services, should reflect an aura of certainty and comfort. Making the customer feel relaxed is a vital requisite for a business. The fact that a majority of auto shipping entities do not do this is unsettling. So don’t ship until you feel totally at ease! Because although security is rare to find in the industry, it is obtainable.

Eliminate stress with Executive

With Executive, quality, stress-free service is abundant. There is no shortage of planning and preparation when it comes to our work. Our groundbreaking Rental Car Guarantee is a result of such scrupulous provision. With us, you can throw those worries and anxieties, often associated with long distance auto transport, out the window. Because even if your car is late, and it rarely is, we promise to set you up with a rental car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. So there is no hindrance in your daily agenda.
That’s the way to have your car transported. In a matter that is in no way obtrusive to your emotional or physical life. If you want the reassurance and confidence that comes standard with a Rental Car Guarantee, than Executive Auto Shippers is the team for you. Whether you’re headed to New York, Los Angeles, Houston, or even Canada, we’ve got the experienced professionals that’ll take care of you and the automobiles you hold dear!
For more information on our services and our Rental Car Guarantee, visit our website, go through our customer reviews or make a request for a quote. And as always, feel free to call (847)-557-0200 and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you have.

Tips for easing the big move

Whether by choice or not, cross-country relocation is a complex endeavor that poses a particular set of challenges. No one is safe from its wrath, especially single movers and families. Organization and pre-planning isn’t just necessary, it’s vital. Even then, interruptions and surprises are bound to happen. Which is why it’s important to research and employ as many long distance moving tips as possible. This blog post intends to detail both well-known and little known pointers, with the hopes of making you and your family’s pilgrimage a little less daunting.

Ditching your furniture

This word of advice is especially valuable if you’re leaving an established home. The major pieces of furniture you’ve collected over the years will be hard to move. Unfortunately, the transport difficulty does not decrease as your admiration for a specific item increases, so if that armoire or recliner really is special, you’ll have to figure out a way to send it safely. Take it from us, don’t bring the big items. Either selling or giving away (for a tax write off, of course) your furniture allows you start fresh in your new home and lug less through the countryside.

Ziplocs, boxes, and valuables

When figuring out how to pack your clothes, blankets, and valuables, there is a unique strategy to employ. It starts with eliminating cardboard boxes. Try your hardest to avoid them, they’re awkward and a waste of space. Instead, fit your clothes and most of your blankets (you’ll see why in a second) into Ziploc vacuum storage bags, the ones you can shrink. They are much easier to organize and take up less space. Then, put your valuables, into normal Ziploc bags and fold them into the remaining blankets. This method doesn’t just save space, it cleverly compartmentalizes your priceless goods into hard to find places.

Booking hotel stops in advance

An absolutely essential step if you have a family. It’s an important move for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it promotes restraint when driving. Many individuals tend to “push it” when on a road trip. Just because someone thinks they can go a couple more hours without falling sleep, doesn’t mean they can. A gamble like that can have disastrous results. Chart your trip, book your accommodations in advance, and stick to your schedule. Drivers will get the rest they need. Children won’t be cooped up all day long. You’ll avoid the risk of having to sleep in your car. Enjoy the money you’ll save booking ahead of time!

Linking breaks with gas fill-ups

Don’t wait till you’re on E to fill up on fuel. Try and visit the gas station as you hit a quarter tank. It’s fairly easy to underestimate the distance between stops. If long enough, you might be on the side of the road with an empty tank and a new set of problems. This tactic also compels you to stretch your legs more frequently, avoiding soreness, blood clots, and cramps. It may not be the fastest way to get where you need to go, but like many things in life, rushing is not in your best interest.

Snacks and nourishment

Devoting time to your food situation goes a long way to satisfy you and your passengers. Stop at the market every other day and stock up on your favorite foods. This way, you won’t be forced to eat subpar gas snacks or fast food all the time. Pick up 12 packs of your favorite energy or coffee drinks, whatever keeps you sharp. It is exceedingly cheaper than buying individually from convenience stores. There is nothing like a well-stocked cooler on a road trip, especially one that is jam packed with goodies and drinks that’ll keep you smiling.

Use a vehicle transport company

It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, you’re going to need your automobiles when you get there. Depending on the type of car you have, it may not be suitable for a cross country trek. Shipping your vehicle or vehicles is immensely calculated and wise. It makes the task of moving much less daunting. A quality company ensures the efficient and safe transportation, providing peace of mind by the mile. This type of transportation service is especially appreciated by owners of high end, luxury or rare vehicles.

Executive Auto Shippers

Say goodbye to your vehicle shipping woes with Executive Auto Shippers. In 6 years, we’ve grown into the leading choice for auto shipping, nationwide. Wherever you need to your car to go, even if it’s overseas, we are equipped to make it happen. And not just your everyday car, but your RV, exotic car, motorcycle, boat or ATV too. We have both enclosed and open transferring capabilities at our disposal, for competitive prices.

Visit our website or call (847)-557-0200 for more information!

Moving across the country, whether temporarily or permanently, can cause unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle. That’s when professional auto shippers like EAS come in to safely transport your car, motorcycle, or ATV as timely and efficiently as possible. But the preferred shipping method will vary depending on the type of vehicle you want to transport as well as your own needs and preferences. If you’re just beginning your research on auto transport companies and which services they provide, here’s a brief explanation about the differences between open and enclosed shipping methods.

Open Transport

Open auto transport is the most popular vehicle transportation method. In open transport, the trucks are typically 75 to 80 feet long and can move between 7 and 10 vehicles at the same time. The trailer on which the cars are loaded does not have any sides or a roof, exposing the vehicles to weather and road elements at all times. The openness, however, allows greater visibility for the driver to inspect each vehicle while in transit. Enclosed carriers can typically haul only 6 vehicles or less, which is one reason why enclosed transport is more expensive. Most carriers, about 90%, are open auto shippers, meaning it is more likely you will find an available carrier to transport your car where and when you need it. The numerous supply of open transport carriers helps keep transportation costs affordable for vehicle owners.

Select open transport if:

● your vehicle requires standard shipping. (Most daily drivers ship open transport.)
● you would like your vehicle delivered faster. (Because open transport is the preferred delivery method among most customers, there are more auto shippers available to transport your vehicle.)
● you’re on a tight budget.

Enclosed Transport

Although enclosed auto transport service is not as common as open transport, it is still a popular delivery method among car owners. Enclosed shipping provides maximum security for your vehicle, with the fully enclosed trailer offering protection from weather and road debris. Even though the driver cannot inspect your vehicle as easily as in open transport, many enclosed carriers have greater insurance protection and offer “white glove service” to handle and care for your car. Enclosed transport carriers make up only 10% of auto shippers, and their trailers cannot load as many vehicles as open transport carriers; therefore, delivery service is expected to be a little slower and requires more advanced notice for enclosed transport. The enclosed delivery method is also more expensive but is well worth the investment, especially if your car has unique delivery needs.

Select enclosed transport if:

● you need to transport one or more of the following: classic car, exotic car, antique car, collectible car, luxury car, racing car, or a vehicle with an exposed interior.
● you want to shield your vehicle from weather and road elements. (This is the time of year when enclosed transport is often a preferred option even for standard cars in order to protect against harsh weather conditions and salt or sand on the road.)
● your vehicle has low-ground clearance. (Enclosed carriers use liftgate doors to load the trailer instead of instead of ramps, thereby providing a secure method of transporting low-clearance vehicles without causing damage.)


The most important factor in choosing your auto shipping method is trust. At Executive Auto Shippers, we understand that your car or motorcycle is one of your greatest investments and deserves to be protected. That’s why the lines of communication are always open so you never have to wonder when your car is being picked up or whether it was delivered safely. And if you’re still not sure whether to select open or enclosed transport, we are happy to speak with you to better understand your needs and preferences before making our recommendations. Contact EAS today to receive a quote or to talk to a representative.


The word “broker” often has a negative connotation. Customers have been burned by brokers in various industries so many times that it’s a profession that has been associated with distrust. But the truth is that a few bad apples in the industry negatively generalize a whole population. Not all brokers are bad; in fact, many genuinely want to help and look out for their customers’ best interests.

Making the decision to transport your vehicle can be a stressful process, especially since you want to make sure the people moving your car are reputable and trustworthy. Executive Auto Shippers is a broker that wants to earn your trust and ensure you have the best auto shipping experience possible. EAS understands that your vehicle is an investment that has practical as well as sentimental value, which is why we are determined to protect it. We’ve compiled three reasons below to give you peace of mind and assure you that when you choose to work with EAS, you’re choosing the best quality auto shipper in the industry.

EAS uses a rigorous screening process

Executive Auto Shippers will only work with licensed, insured, reliable, trustworthy carriers, which is why our screening process is much more thorough than our competitors. Believe it or not, most brokers do not check out carriers prior to issuing an order to them. Carefully screening carriers is one of the ways EAS ensures you will have a stress-free auto shipment. EAS has a network of over 1,500 preapproved carriers. These are all carriers that we have worked with and know provide excellent service. Our internal rating system, based on customer feedback, ensures that only the best carriers are eligible to ship your vehicle. We also frequently access federal department of transportation information to confirm each of our carriers operates safely and legally.

EAS accesses industry resources

Because EAS has access to industry databases, we can find information many of our customers cannot find while doing their own research. For example, EAS is listed as a certificate holder on the carrier’s Cargo Insurance policy. This guarantees that your vehicle will not be shipped by an uninsured or under-insured carrier. Cargo Insurance is not required by the government and policy limits differ. Many carriers do not maintain the coverages EAS requires to be a preapproved carrier. EAS can also see insider reviews by other licensed professionals in the industry who have worked with our carriers. Because Executive Auto Shippers is a licensed, bonded broker, you know you are receiving services from a reputable, dependable auto shipping company.

EAS supports small businesses

Brokers are important in the industry because they oftentimes connect customers with small local companies. Most of the carriers EAS works with have only one truck. Since larger companies deal mostly with new car deliveries, it would be nearly impossible if a customer attempted to go to the carrier directly to find the right driver on the right day at the right time on the right route. Executive Auto Shippers has been involved in the industry long enough to establish a network of carriers, many of which we know personally. When you choose to work with EAS, not only will you be working with reliable shippers, but you can also feel good knowing you’re helping to support small local businesses.

Executive Auto Shippers is here to help you and provide a worry-free, safe auto transport experience. We do our research here at EAS to allow only the most qualified, reliable carriers to transport our customers’ vehicles, and we encourage you to do the same. If you need to relocate your car, motorcycle, or ATV but are unsure how to select your auto shipping company, read our article about how to avoid auto shipping scams here.

Executive Auto Shippers understands that you don’t need vehicle transport every day, which makes finding a reputable auto shipping company difficult. As a result, fraudulent companies try to scam unsuspecting customers out of money. But EAS cares about protecting you and your investment, so here are some helpful Dos and Don’ts to consider when choosing your auto shipping company.

Do Your Research

Because transporting your vehicle requires a trustworthy company to do the job, do thorough research. Online research can be tricky, but here are ways to decipher which sites are reputable.

Look for credentials: Auto shipping companies are required to register with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are issued a Motor Carrier (MC) number. Go to the FMCSA site and search for companies to verify their credentials. Another good online resource is the Better Business Bureau. You will see the BBB accreditation button on our EAS site, and you can also find us on the FMCSA site.

Look for errors: Untrustworthy companies often build sites quickly, scam as many customers as they can, scrap the site and start all over using a different name. Because of this hasty process, unreputable sites often have frequent grammatical or typographical errors. Trustworthy sites take time to create high-quality content to provide the best experience for customers.

Look for search engine results: If you type the company’s name into Google and find a lot of hits, including other reputable sites linking to the company’s site and positive customer reviews, chances are the company has a good reputation. If Google or other search engines don’t return many hits, then you probably don’t want to choose that company to transport your vehicle.

Do Verify Contact Information

Reputable auto shippers include an email, phone number, and address on their site. Scam sites often post false numbers and addresses, if any are posted at all. Discover if a company’s address is real by typing it into a site like Google Maps. If Google Maps shows an image of the building and the company name matches the site, it’s most likely a legitimate company. If, however, Google Maps returns a picture of an open field or nothing that resembles the company on the website, it’s a scam.

Do Get Everything in Writing

Be suspicious of companies that claim there isn’t paperwork to fill out. While paperwork seems like a headache, a paper trail is important so you and your vehicle are protected. Companies that don’t require paperwork or have hidden disclaimers will oftentimes quote you one price but charge you much more than what you agreed to. EAS is different from other auto shippers because of our One Price Guarantee. We promise there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges when you work with us.

Do Ask Questions

Making direct contact with auto shipping companies is one of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of scams. EAS always has the lines of communication open and keeps in contact with you throughout the vehicle transportation process. Here are some good questions to ask an auto shipping company:

• Are you licensed? (Trustworthy companies will say “yes” and provide their MC number.)

• Do you require a deposit? If so, when do you charge the deposit? (Be wary of companies that charge the deposit immediately. EAS won’t charge your deposit until after the truck has picked up your vehicle prior to delivery.)

• Can I cancel my order? If I choose to cancel, is there a cancellation fee? (EAS does not charge a fee if you cancel your order for any reason.)

• Do you provide rental car services if my vehicle is not delivered on time?

EAS is unique in the industry because of our Rental Car Guarantee. If your shipment exceeds the transit time in your contract, EAS will furnish you with an Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Don’t Pay the Full Amount Upfront

Any company that requires you to pay the full amount of the transportation costs up front, before even moving your vehicle, is a red flag. Also be aware of companies that request money wired through a service like Western Union. Reputable companies will only require credit cards or checks.

When you choose to work with EAS, you’ll never be asked to pay the full amount upfront.

Don’t Share Personal Information for a Quote

When you call different auto shipping companies or request quotes online to compare prices, be careful about how much information you share. Auto shippers need some information to give you an accurate quote, such as the make and model of the vehicle and where it’s being picked up and delivered. All that is needed for locations, however, is the city, state/country, and ZIP code. Never give companies exact addresses when requesting a quote, and never give them any credit card information. A company that requests your address and payment information just for a quote is looking to take advantage of you.

Don’t Use Lead Generators

Lead generation is the process of collecting contact information for the purpose of providing salespeople with prospective customers. If you see anything online that says something like “Receive 10 Free Quotes Now!”, that’s a lead generator. You may have signed up for 10 quotes, but this generator sells your personal information, so you may end up receiving over 50 phone calls or emails from companies trying to sell you unwanted products or services. Although lead generators may seem more convenient at the time, the best way to get an accurate quote is to contact a company directly by phone or on its website.


Remember these tips when conducting your own research for auto shipping companies. After perusing our site, you’ll know that EAS is a reputable company who looks after you; so you can trust Executive Auto Shippers to safely transport your cars, ATVs, and motorcycles. Check out our tips page for more ways to get ready for your car shipment.