Alex: The Customer Service Cat

Alex-Office Cat

An Unlikely Team Member

by Kirstyn Jones, Customer Service Representative

Many companies have taken on more creative ways to boost productivity in the workplace and keep employees engaged. One example of this is the inclusion of a furry friend on the team here at Executive Auto Shippers. Our little office kitty Alex always becomes the most popular team member when stress levels seem to be at an all-time high, especially in the customer service department.

As much as I’d like to say this specific field is as easy as it comes, it’s not. I’ve had multiple customer service representative positions and as much as you try not to take things to heart, sometimes it’s unavoidable. The biggest asset to my current position is the atmosphere with fellow employees, the support they show to one another, and last but not least our office cat Alex. When I started this position I was forewarned that Alex is not always the friendliest of felines and from that moment on as a cat lover, it became a personal goal to befriend her.

Alex-Office Cat-1

At first, we had our ups and downs as I started filing in the back room as something to do with my free time between calls and emails as my customer base grew. With time I grew to understand her preferences, as Alex is an older girl and very selective on whom she demands attention from.

Alex was taken in as a stray kitten, fortunately, our co-founder Jenny found it in her heart to give her a lifelong home in our office. I am forever thankful that she did. Alex typically spends most of her day sleeping on my desk making frequent trips up and down.

Alex-Office Cat-2

She makes her appearance known with howls each morning followed by a couple paws perched on my chair, while she stretches she bats her paws up my side. I pick her up, place her on my desk in front of her box, that she loves to curl up in and continue typing. More often than not she chooses to curl up in my arms. It makes maneuvering the mouse a little more challenging with her long-haired tail flicking every few minutes. However, during the elongated calls, she provides support by simply sleeping, purring and waiting patiently for another pet. She purrs constantly which always puts a smile on my face as well as my co-workers who occasionally stop by to check in on her. I’m sure I’m not the only person who enjoys her company in the office. Regardless of the scenario she always welcomes my affection and her appreciation makes the stress melt away.

From my personal experience of having an office cat, I’d have to say she’s a great asset to the team. While she may not be the hardest working team member at Executive Auto Shippers, her emotional support is second to none.

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