Advice For Buying Your First Car

Looking to purchase your first car? This is an incredibly exciting moment, and everyone remembers their first vehicle as this is the automobile which gave you a new found sense of freedom and independence. It can also be daunting to buy your first car as it is hard to know what to look for and how to get a good deal. Additionally, the used car market can be a dangerous place to shop so you must know how to stay safe when browsing second-hand cars too. With this in mind, here are a few tips for purchasing your first vehicle:

Used Or New?

The first decision will be whether to buy a used car or new. This will come down to your budget and personal preference, but it makes more sense to purchase a used car. You can get more for your money, depreciation is less of an issue (you are likely to upgrade after a few years), and it is a huge market so you should be able to find the perfect car for a fair price.

Work Out Your Budget

Before you start looking at cars, you need to know what your budget is. In addition to the cost of the car, keep in mind that there will be various running costs to cover too. If you are looking to purchase a car online then be sure to include the cost of shipping it to you. If you need financial support, then you could take out a loan which can be a smart way of financing the car. You will need a good credit score to get approved, and places like Crediful can help with credit dispute if there are any mistakes on your current report.

Private Seller Or Dealership

It can be tempting to buy from a private seller because the prices are often lower, but this can be a risky move if you do not know the seller. There are many used car scams to be aware of, and you should always get a vehicle history check carried out to make sure that there are no dark secrets. Shopping at a dealership is a smarter move because it is safer, you get consumer protection, and often there will be finance deals which can make it easier to afford.

Browse Online

It is also a good idea to carry out research before you start visiting dealerships. Think about your requirements from the vehicle and then start to draw up a list of possible vehicles. You can then search for these in your local area or further afield and research dealerships which have the vehicle currently. For a first car, something small, not particularly powerful and reliable is a good choice and a smart way to keep costs down.

Checking Over Used Cars

Even experienced motors can feel anxiety when checking over a used car because they do not know what to look out for. There is a lot of helpful information for checking over a used car and what to look out for on a test drive online, but it is also a good idea to take someone along with you who has experience in buying used cars. You could also get a mechanic to inspect the vehicle and give their opinion.


Equally as important is making sure that the car comes with the right documentation and that it matches the vehicle. This will include the title, the bill of sale, and VIN verifications. There may also be certain state requirements when purchasing a used car, such as a new emissions test.


You should not shy away from haggling for the used car as this can be a great way to save money. You need to have a maximum figure in mind and be friendly yet firm with the dealer. You should not feel forced into the sale and do not be afraid of walking away if the deal is not right for you.

Insurance Coverage

You also need to make sure that you have adequate coverage in place before driving away with your car. If you do not have insurance arranged yet, then you can look into temporary coverage until you find something permanent. If the vehicle is not covered by the manufacturer warranty, then GAP insurance is a smart purchase too.

Buying your first car is an exciting process, but it is also one which can cause stress and anxiety. These tips should help you to find what you are looking for at an affordable price and without too much hassle. It is a fantastic feeling to get behind the wheel of your very own car for the first time, and this will hopefully be a vehicle that provides you with an excellent start to your driving career.

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