Advantages of Using Auto Transport vs. Driving the Vehicle Yourself

At Executive Auto Shippers, we recognize how much your antique vehicle, motorcycle or daily driver mean to you and how important they can be in daily life. Perhaps you feel anxious about the idea of car shipping companies handling the transport of your vehicle rather than driving it across the country or even just across a state or two. There may also be some concerns about how cost effective auto shipping is compared to doing it yourself. To help answer some of those lingering questions, Executive Auto Shippers has compiled a list of reasons why shipping your vehicle with us will be the best move you make in your travels.

Avoid the Wear and Tear of Driving Your Vehicle a Long Distance

Driving your vehicle across the country or even across your state will inevitably result in some sort of wear – you will unavoidably add a lot of miles to your vehicle, your car could get minor to major rock chips, dents and scratches in the paint, and kids cooped up in a vehicle over long spans of time could lead to tears and stains on your upholstery.

By using covered car transport from Executive Auto Shippers, you can virtually erase the miles that would be added if it was actually driven. Auto shipping also drastically reduces the chances of chips, dents and scratches, as well as bored-kid-caused stains and tears.

Cut Down Travel Time with Automobile Transport

If your goal is not to spend a great deal of time sightseeing on the way to your new location, especially if it’s for a new job and you have a limited time frame for arrival, having your vehicle shipped allows you to skip the amount of time spent in your car. You can take a much shorter flight and plan to see your vehicle arrive at the scheduled time that works best for you.

Shipping Your Car can be Less Expensive than Driving it

Most people tend to think that using an auto transport company would be more expensive than driving a car yourself. However, once you add in all the costs that usually get overlooked when planning a cross-country trek: spending every night in hotels while traveling, eating at restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner and munchies, and the maintenance on your vehicle, suddenly using an automobile transport service seems like a much more reasonable option.

There are a variety of reasons why using a car shipping company is the best choice for getting your vehicle from one place to the next. If you still need a few more reasons why Executive Auto Shippers is the way to go, we have provided some statistics from the Bureau of Transportation:

  • Business travel accounts for 17 percent of long-distance trips during the year
  • The average Thanksgiving long-distance trip length is 214 miles, compared with 275 miles over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday
  • For the rest of the year, the average trip distance is 261 miles
  • About 91 percent of long-distance holiday travel is by personal vehicle
  • During the 6-day Thanksgiving travel period, the number of long-distance trips increases by 54 percent
  • That number rises by 23 percent during the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday period
  • Thanksgiving Day is more heavily traveled than Wednesday

There are more people are on the road than ever before, and while these statistics highlight holiday periods specifically, most people travelling to summer homes in warmer climates will be travelling during peak holiday drive times. Also, the volume of motorists on the roadways increases dramatically in the summer months due to better weather, which increases driving risks for all people on the road.

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