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Executive Auto Shippers Blood Drive

About 36,000 units of blood are needed in the U.S. every day. An organ transplant takes about 40 units of blood. A single-car accident could use up to 100 units. Blood is a precious commodity.

In 2016 when Mike and Ben Hoogeveen came to our office in Monroe, Iowa to share Megan’s story, their daughter, and sister, we knew it was time to get involved. Megan was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic LymphoHistiocytosis or HLH in 2011 after becoming suddenly ill and not responding to treatments. HLH is a rare but potentially fatal condition affects the function of white blood cells, causing them to build up in different areas of the body and destroy other blood cells. Megan received many units of blood to try and help but unfortunately, was unsuccessful. Mike now holds an annual blood drive as part of the charity, Megan’s Legacy.

Executive Auto Shippers has decided to host 4-6 blood drives throughout the year with the help of Lifeserve Blood Center’s Bloodmobile. Although many of our staff participate, we want our hometown of Monroe, Iowa and the surrounding communities to have the opportunity to give as well.


July 2017:

New Donors-4

Total Donations-10

Lives Saved-30

Blood Drive-Jul 2017


October 2017:

New Donors-3

Total Donations-11

Lives Saved-33

Blood Drive-Oct 2017


February 2018:


Our next visit by the Bloodmobile is scheduled for February 1st, 2018, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Use this link to get your appointment scheduled ahead of time and Thanks to everyone who plans to donate!


Check back for upcoming blood donation dates!

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