Our Car Transport Team

Just a Few of Our Team Members

The team at Executive Auto Shippers is more than that—it’s a family. Whether providing 5-star customer service, monitoring customer satisfaction or simply running the day to day business, our people work hard to meet our ultimate goal: ensuring customers have the best auto transport experience possible.

Matt Van Gelder

CEO & Co-Founder
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I’ve been exposed to the car transport industry basically my whole life. My parents founded a car transport company when I was about 5 years old. They then slowly grew their company to around 20 or so car haulers. So as you can imagine, a great deal of my childhood was spent in the industry. My childhood was divided between the office, truck shop, and passenger seat of a car carrier going across the country. When I was old enough I started working in the family business, actually performing all of the jobs that I had watched my entire life. From performing preventative maintenance to dispatching and customer service to driving the 10 car carrier across the country, I’ve done it all.

Then in early 2009, the opportunity presented itself to actually start my own company and that was the birth of Executive Auto Shippers. Drawing from a lifetimes worth of car transport experience, I set out to create an auto shipping brokerage that would be different than the ones I had worked with for decades. Having the experiences of being a driver, car transport equipment owner, and broker gave me the insight to create a company that is conscious of our customer’s needs as well as the needs of our carriers. While EAS has definitive corporate guiding principles that ensure we are always working as a representative of our customer, we also are able to balance that with the needs of our carriers. In my opinion, this leads to a higher quality of service for our customers.


Jenny Van Gelder

VP & Co-Founder
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Jenny has been involved in the operations of Executive Auto Shippers since day one. The first few years, while the company was growing she was not able to be a full-time contributor. But in 2014 she was finally able to join the team on a full-time basis. Her Master’s degree in accounting and experience in the corporate accounting world allowed her to take over the numbers portion of the operation. But Jenny adds more than just math to this equation. She is integral in the leadership tasks as well as corporate planning, strategy, and HR.

Jenny is also very passionate about giving back to the community. She lives her passion by directing and volunteering in many of the community outreach programs here at Executive Auto Shippers. Outside of the organization, she is an active member of the Pella Kiwanis.


Betty Van Gelder

Resolution Specialist
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Betty started her car transport career as the owner of an auto shipping carrier company. There she developed an in-depth understanding of customer service, scheduling, and the claims process. This experience also earned her an exceptional insight into the car transport industry. So it was a no-brainer to bring her into the Executive Auto Shippers team. She quickly became the heart of the operational portion of our team. In fact, she has been mentioned in so many 5-star reviews that customers actually started to ask “Is Betty a real person?”

Yes, Betty is a real person. Who is passing her vast car transport knowledge on to our customer service team on a daily basis.


Sasha Mueller

Team Lead
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Sasha joined our team in 2016 as a customer service representative, bringing with her experience in providing outstanding customer service. She very quickly gained the car transport knowledge needed to move up to the Team Lead position. Along with her team lead duties, Sasha is also the lead for international shipments and out of the ordinary shipments.


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