7 Things to Do Before You Move into a New House

If you think moving out of your current home is tough, then the same can also be said about moving into your new home. As if the weeks of labor you’ve spent packing up your belongings and getting ready to move into a new house aren’t enough, now you’ll start the process over again with unpacking all your items and arranging them in their proper places. Sounds pretty strenuous, right?

If you haven’t had any experience with moving and this is your first time changing homes, we will be honest with you – it’s going to be a labor-intensive process. It’s not just difficult because of the crazy amount of physical labor you will put in, but also because moving can involve a lot of emotional changes.

Throughout the moving process, don’t be surprised if you are in a frenzied state. Making up a checklist for the move, the materials you need to buy for packing, the anxiety of whether things will work out in your new home and whether you will adjust or not to your surroundings – it can all be pretty nerve-racking. Also, you won’t get a chance to relax once your stuff has been unloaded at your new place because now you’ve to unpack.

Before you get traumatized about moving, let us just add one more bit of information. This process can be made less troublesome if you prioritize tasks beforehand. Read the following tips we have listed to help you prioritize your tasks and cross them out from your moving checklist before you move into your new home.

Change the Locks

This is one of the most important and essential steps that you must get done with before you have the movers unload your stuff at your new residence. In order to keep your house safe and your mental state sane, invest in some new locks to ensure that you are the only one who has the keys to your house. You can install these locks by yourself, or you can hire professional locksmiths who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Picking the Right Moving Company

A lot of people simply hire moving companies based on the fact that they provide cheap services. When chosen only for that reason, you might end up running the risk of dealing with a mediocre company. Or even worse, find yourself in the middle of a moving scam.

It is important that you check the legitimacy of the moving agency when you are picking them out. Some agencies have terrible conduct and can give you more damage than help in all kinds of stressful ways. Make sure that you thoroughly research any company before booking your move. Check each company’s reviews, their insurance policies, and the authenticity of their license.

The Moving Date

Once you have decided on which moving company you plan to hire, it’s time to determine when you will need their services.

If you are looking for ways to make your move a little less expensive, then flexibility on your moving dates might pay off. A moving company is likely to charge you less if you plan to move on a date when there isn’t a high demand for their services.

It would be ideal to pick a date somewhere during the winter season. This is a time when most people are busy planning and spending holidays with their families, which is why people rarely choose this time to move. So if you have to move during the summer months of May through August don’t be surprised by higher moving rates.

Watch Out For the Leak

Coming across any leaks in your new home can be challenging to fix, especially when you have all your stuff moved into the new house. Even if your home inspector has checked out your new house and found no leaks, we still suggest that you look into the matter yourself and conduct a thorough investigation just to be sure.

Check out all your water pipes, if you find leaking toilets or water dripping from faucets, call up a professional to take care of the matter. Check your water meter readings in two-hour intervals when no one is using the water to find if there are any leaks. If the readings are different, then there is definitely a leak somewhere in the house.

Install Smoke Detectors and Check Mechanical Systems

Another great way to improve your family’s safety is by checking the smoke detectors in the house. Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety tools in your house, which is why you should always check whether they are in working order before you settle down into your new place. First, test your smoke detector, put a lighter or a match underneath it to figure out whether it’s still functioning properly or not. If it isn’t, get yourself a new smoke detector from any home improvement store and test it once a month just to be safe. A great tip for this is to set a reminder on your phone.

Get your mechanical devices fixed beforehand as well. Trust us, this will be a blessing to you the day you move in. Make sure that your air conditioning and furnace is installed and working at full speed. Whether you change your house in summers or winters, your mechanical devices will be your biggest savior and if there is a problem you don’t want to find out during the first winter storm.

Update the Garage

Your garage is another way to break into your house, so make sure you invest in garage locks just to be safe in case of a robbery. We checked out OkDiscountGarageDoor and found that many people use their garages to store their extra items. Regardless, you must get it organized before moving. So get the place cleaned up and layer on a new coat of paint if the old paint is chipping off. Get yourself a workbench and put up some shelves to better organize the stored items.

Color the Interior

If you don’t like the current color of your new house walls, then the ideal time for you to change it is before moving. The reason being, it is much easier to paint in open space, and you don’t have to worry about paint getting onto your belongings. Be creative and paint the walls in the colors of your choice or hire a professional if you prefer a high-quality paint job service.

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